remunerative Definition

  • 1providing payment or compensation
  • 2profitable

Using remunerative: Examples

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    She found a remunerative job in the city.

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    The business proved to be highly remunerative.

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    He was offered a remunerative contract by the company.

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    The work was not very remunerative, but it was fulfilling.

remunerative Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for remunerative

Phrases with remunerative

  • a compensation package that includes salary, bonuses, benefits, and other perks


    The company offered him a remunerative package to join their team.

  • work that provides adequate compensation for the effort and time put into it


    She left her previous job because it was not very remunerative.

  • a career that offers good pay and opportunities for growth and advancement


    Many people choose medicine as a remunerative career.

Origins of remunerative

from Latin 'remunerat-' meaning 'rewarded'


Summary: remunerative in Brief

'Remunerative' [ri-myoo-nuh-rey-tiv] means providing payment or compensation, or being profitable. It is often used to describe jobs, businesses, or contracts that offer good pay or benefits. Examples include 'She found a remunerative job in the city.' and 'The business proved to be highly remunerative.' Phrases like 'remunerative package' and 'remunerative career' further illustrate the concept.