lucrative Definition

producing a lot of money; profitable.

Using lucrative: Examples

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    The business proved to be very lucrative for its owners.

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    He has a lucrative job in the finance industry.

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    Investing in real estate can be quite lucrative.

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    She started her own company and turned it into a lucrative enterprise.

lucrative Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with lucrative

  • a profession or occupation that is highly profitable and financially rewarding


    Many people aspire to have a lucrative career in medicine or law.

  • an area of commerce or trade that is highly profitable and generates significant revenue


    The technology sector is a lucrative market for investors and entrepreneurs.

  • a business agreement or transaction that is highly profitable and beneficial for all parties involved


    The merger between the two companies was a lucrative deal for both sides.

Origins of lucrative

from Latin 'lucrativus', meaning 'profitable'


Summary: lucrative in Brief

The term 'lucrative' [ˈluːkrətɪv] refers to something that produces a lot of money or is profitable. It is often used to describe jobs, businesses, or investments that generate significant revenue, such as 'Investing in real estate can be quite lucrative.' 'Lucrative' extends into phrases like 'lucrative career,' and 'lucrative deal,' denoting highly profitable professions or transactions.

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