moneymaking Definition

  • 1the act or process of making money, especially in a profitable way
  • 2something that is profitable or lucrative

Using moneymaking: Examples

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    He started his own business and found it to be a moneymaking venture.

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    The stock market can be a moneymaking opportunity for investors.

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    She invested in real estate as a moneymaking strategy.

moneymaking Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for moneymaking

Phrases with moneymaking

  • a plan or idea designed to make a lot of money quickly and easily, often with little regard for ethics or legality


    The company was accused of running a moneymaking scheme that defrauded investors.

  • something that generates a lot of money consistently and reliably


    The new product has become a moneymaking machine for the company, bringing in millions of dollars in revenue each year.

  • a chance to make a profit or earn money


    The internet has opened up many new moneymaking opportunities for entrepreneurs and freelancers.


Summary: moneymaking in Brief

The term 'moneymaking' [muhn-ee-mey-king] refers to the act or process of making money, especially in a profitable way. It can also describe something that is profitable or lucrative, such as a moneymaking opportunity. Phrases like 'moneymaking scheme' and 'moneymaking machine' denote plans or ideas that generate a lot of money, while 'moneymaking opportunity' refers to a chance to make a profit.