novelist Definition

a person who writes novels, a book-length fictional prose narrative.

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    She is a successful novelist with several bestsellers.

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    The novelist's latest work explores themes of love and loss.

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    Many aspiring novelists attend writing workshops to hone their craft.

novelist Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for novelist

Phrases with novelist

  • a writer who specializes in historical fiction, a genre that takes place in the past and often includes real historical figures or events


    The historical novelist spent years researching the time period before writing her book.

  • a writer who specializes in romance fiction, a genre that focuses on romantic love and its various challenges and conflicts


    The romance novelist has published over twenty books, each with a unique love story.

  • a writer who specializes in mystery fiction, a genre that involves solving a crime or puzzle through clues and investigation


    The mystery novelist's latest book has been praised for its intricate plot and surprising twists.

Origins of novelist

from Italian 'novella', meaning 'new'


Summary: novelist in Brief

A 'novelist' [ˈnɑːvəlɪst] is a person who writes book-length fictional prose narratives, known as novels. They are often skilled writers who specialize in different genres such as historical, romance, or mystery. Aspiring novelists may attend writing workshops to improve their craft.

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