obedience Definition

compliance with an order, request, or law or submission to another's authority.

Using obedience: Examples

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    The dog's obedience to its owner was impressive.

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    The soldiers showed complete obedience to their commanding officer.

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    Obedience to traffic laws is essential for road safety.

obedience Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for obedience

Phrases with obedience

  • unquestioning compliance with orders or authority, without considering the consequences or morality of the action


    Blind obedience to authority can lead to disastrous consequences.

  • as a result of following or complying with something


    In obedience to the court order, he paid the fine.

  • a training program for dogs to teach them basic commands and good behavior


    My puppy is going to obedience school to learn how to behave properly.

Origins of obedience

from Old French 'obeir', meaning 'to obey'


Summary: obedience in Brief

The term 'obedience' [əˈbiːdiəns] refers to compliance with orders, requests, or laws, or submission to authority. It is exemplified by the dog's obedience to its owner, soldiers' obedience to their commanding officer, and obedience to traffic laws. Phrases like 'blind obedience' warn against unquestioning compliance, while 'in obedience to' denotes following something. 'Obedience school' is a training program for dogs to learn good behavior.