oblation Definition

  • 1the act of offering something, especially a religious offering
  • 2something offered, especially a religious offering

Using oblation: Examples

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    The priest made an oblation of bread and wine.

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    The oblation of flowers was a sign of devotion.

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    The church received many oblations from the faithful.

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    The oblation of the first fruits was a common practice in ancient times.

oblation Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with oblation

  • blood oblation

    a sacrifice of blood, usually of an animal, as part of a religious ritual


    The Aztecs performed blood oblations to their gods.

  • self-oblation

    the act of offering oneself, one's life, or one's possessions for a cause or a belief


    The monk made a self-oblation to serve the poor and the sick.

  • a daily offering, usually of food or drink, as part of a religious ritual


    The Hindu priest performs a daily oblation of milk to Lord Shiva.

Origins of oblation

from Latin 'oblatus', meaning 'offered up'


Summary: oblation in Brief

The term 'oblation' [əʊˈbleɪʃ(ə)n] refers to the act of offering something, especially a religious offering. It can also denote the object or substance offered, such as bread, wine, or flowers. 'Oblation' is used in phrases like 'blood oblation,' referring to a sacrifice of blood, and 'self-oblation,' denoting the act of offering oneself for a cause or belief.