obscured Definition

  • 1not discovered or known about; uncertain
  • 2kept from being seen; concealed

Using obscured: Examples

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  • Example

    The meaning of the text was obscured by the poor translation.

  • Example

    The sun was obscured by the clouds.

  • Example

    Her face was obscured by the shadows.

  • Example

    The truth was obscured by lies and misinformation.

obscured Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with obscured

  • obscured vision

    a condition in which a person's vision is partially or completely blocked


    The driver's obscured vision caused the accident.

  • an object that is difficult to see or identify due to its position, lighting, or other factors


    The bird was an obscured object in the tree.

  • a meaning that is difficult to understand or interpret


    The poem's obscured meaning left many readers confused.


Summary: obscured in Brief

The term 'obscured' [əbˈskjʊəd] refers to something that is not discovered or known about, or kept from being seen. It can describe a variety of situations, such as obscured vision or an obscured object. 'Obscured' can also refer to a meaning that is difficult to understand or interpret, as in the case of an obscured meaning in a poem.