obviously Definition

in a way that is easily perceived or understood; clearly.

Using obviously: Examples

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    Obviously, she was upset by the news.

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    He obviously didn't understand the instructions.

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    The answer is obviously wrong.

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    She's obviously very talented.

obviously Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for obviously

Phrases with obviously

  • used to indicate that something is so clear that it does not need to be stated


    Obviously enough, the sun rises in the east.

  • used to introduce a conclusion that is clear from what has just been said


    If he's not here, and he's not at home, then obviously he must be somewhere else.

  • used to indicate that something is not the case or not true


    If you think I'm going to lend you money, obviously not!

Origins of obviously

from Latin 'obvius', meaning 'in the way' or 'facing toward'


Summary: obviously in Brief

The term 'obviously' [ˈɑːbviəsli] denotes clarity and ease of perception. It is used to describe situations that are easy to understand or perceive, as in 'Obviously, she was upset by the news.' The adverb extends into phrases like 'obviously enough,' which indicates that something is so clear that it does not need to be stated.

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