enough Definition

  • 1as much or as many as required
  • 2to the required degree or extent

Using enough: Examples

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  • Example

    I have enough money to buy a car.

  • Example

    Is this dress long enough?

  • Example

    We've had enough of your lies.

  • Example

    He's not working hard enough.

enough Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with enough

  • used to say that you do not want something to continue any longer because it is annoying, upsetting, or unfair


    I've had enough of your constant complaining. Enough is enough!

  • to be no longer willing or able to tolerate or endure something


    I've had enough of this job. I'm going to quit.

  • not reaching the required standard or level


    Your work is not good enough. You need to improve.

Origins of enough

from Old English 'genลg', meaning 'sufficient'


Summary: enough in Brief

The term 'enough' [ษชหˆnสŒf] refers to a sufficient amount or degree of something. It can be used as a determiner, pronoun, or adverb, and has synonyms like 'sufficient' and 'adequate.' Phrases like 'enough is enough' express a desire for something to stop, while 'have had enough' means to no longer tolerate something. 'Not good enough' indicates that something does not meet the required standard.

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