occasional Definition

  • 1occurring or appearing at irregular or infrequent intervals; not constant or regular
  • 2intended for use as required and not regularly

Using occasional: Examples

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  • Example

    He makes occasional trips to the city.

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    She enjoys an occasional glass of wine.

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    I take occasional breaks during work to stretch my legs.

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    The company holds occasional meetings to discuss progress.

occasional Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for occasional

Phrases with occasional

  • a small table designed for use as and when required, typically placed beside a chair or sofa


    The living room was furnished with a comfortable sofa and two occasional tables.

  • poetry written for a specific occasion, such as a wedding or funeral


    The poet was commissioned to write some occasional verse for the royal wedding.

  • furniture that is not part of a set or suite, but is designed for use as and when required


    The room was sparsely furnished with only a few pieces of occasional furniture.

Origins of occasional

from Latin 'occasionalis', from 'occasio' meaning 'occasion'


Summary: occasional in Brief

The term 'occasional' [əˈkeɪʒənl] refers to something that happens or appears at irregular or infrequent intervals. It can also describe something that is intended for use as required and not regularly. Examples include taking occasional breaks during work and making occasional trips to the city. The term extends into phrases like 'occasional table,' denoting a small table designed for use as and when required.

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