ordinance Definition

  • 1a piece of legislation enacted by a municipal authority
  • 2an authoritative order or decree

Using ordinance: Examples

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    The city council passed an ordinance banning smoking in public parks.

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    The new ordinance requires all businesses to recycle their waste.

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    The mayor issued an ordinance declaring a state of emergency.

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    The ordinance was challenged in court and ultimately struck down.

ordinance Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for ordinance

Phrases with ordinance

  • a set of regulations that govern the construction, alteration, and maintenance of buildings


    Before starting construction, you should check the building ordinance to ensure compliance with safety standards.

  • a law that limits the amount of noise that can be made in a particular area during certain times of the day


    The noise ordinance prohibits loud music after 10 pm in residential areas.

  • a law that regulates the use of land in a particular area, specifying what types of buildings and activities are allowed


    The zoning ordinance restricts the construction of high-rise buildings in residential neighborhoods.

Origins of ordinance

from Latin 'ordinare', meaning 'to put in order'


Summary: ordinance in Brief

An 'ordinance' [ˈɔːdɪnəns] is a type of legislation passed by a municipal authority, such as a city council. It can also refer to an authoritative order or decree. Examples include a building ordinance, which regulates construction and maintenance, and a noise ordinance, which limits noise levels during certain times of the day.