otherworldly Definition

  • 1of, relating to, or resembling a world beyond this physical one
  • 2having an ethereal or spiritual quality
  • 3strange or eerie in a way that suggests a supernatural realm

Using otherworldly: Examples

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    The aurora borealis creates an otherworldly atmosphere.

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    The music had an otherworldly quality that transported the audience to a different realm.

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    The abandoned house had an otherworldly feel to it, as if it was haunted by ghosts.

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    The alien landscape looked otherworldly and unfamiliar.

otherworldly Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for otherworldly

Phrases with otherworldly

  • a beauty that is not of this world, often used to describe something that is breathtaking or awe-inspiring


    The sunset over the ocean was an otherworldly beauty that left us speechless.

  • otherworldly creatures

    creatures that are not of this world, often used to describe mythical or supernatural beings


    The movie featured otherworldly creatures like dragons and unicorns.

  • an experience that is not of this world, often used to describe a spiritual or mystical encounter


    During her meditation, she had an otherworldly experience where she felt connected to a higher power.


Summary: otherworldly in Brief

The term 'otherworldly' [uh-thur-wurld-lee] refers to something that is beyond this physical world, often having an ethereal or supernatural quality. It can be used to describe things that are strange or eerie, such as an abandoned house or an alien landscape. 'Otherworldly' extends into phrases like 'otherworldly beauty,' describing breathtaking or awe-inspiring sights, and 'otherworldly creatures,' referring to mythical or supernatural beings.

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