ethereal Definition

  • 1extremely delicate, light, not of this world
  • 2heavenly or spiritual
  • 3intangible, airy, insubstantial

Using ethereal: Examples

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    The ethereal beauty of the sunset took my breath away.

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    The ballet dancer moved with an ethereal grace.

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    The ethereal music filled the room, transporting us to another world.

ethereal Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for ethereal

Phrases with ethereal

  • a spiritual or supernatural domain beyond the physical world


    In many cultures, the ethereal realm is believed to be the home of gods and spirits.

  • a delicate or intangible aspect of something


    The painting had an ethereal quality that made it seem almost otherworldly.

  • a voice that is light, delicate, and seemingly not of this world


    The singer's ethereal voice was perfect for the haunting melody.

Origins of ethereal

from Greek 'aithēr', meaning 'upper air' or 'pure, fresh air'


Summary: ethereal in Brief

The term 'ethereal' [ih-theer-ee-uhl] describes things that are delicate, light, and often not of this world. It can refer to physical objects, such as the 'ethereal beauty of the sunset,' or to intangible qualities, such as an 'ethereal quality' in a painting. 'Ethereal' can also describe spiritual or supernatural aspects, like the 'ethereal realm' or an 'ethereal voice.'