airy Definition

  • 1having a lot of fresh air; breezy
  • 2light in texture or weight; not dense or heavy
  • 3having an arrogant or affected manner

Using airy: Examples

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  • Example

    The room was airy and bright, with large windows letting in plenty of sunlight.

  • Example

    The cake had an airy texture, thanks to the whipped egg whites.

  • Example

    She spoke in an airy tone, as if she were above everyone else.

airy Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for airy

Phrases with airy

  • unrealistic or impractical; having no substance


    His plans for the future were a bit airy fairy, with no concrete steps for achieving them.

  • go outside to get some exercise or to clear one's head


    I need to get some fresh air and take a walk around the block.

  • behave in a pretentious or snobbish manner


    She always puts on airs when she's around her wealthy friends.

Origins of airy

from Old English 'Ç£r'


Summary: airy in Brief

The term 'airy' [ˈɛəri] has three main meanings. First, it can describe a place or atmosphere that is breezy and well-ventilated. Second, it can describe something that is light in texture or weight, such as a cake or fabric. Third, it can describe a person who behaves in an arrogant or affected manner. Phrases like 'airy fairy' and 'put on airs' use 'airy' to denote unrealistic or pretentious behavior, respectively.