outlying Definition

  • 1lying at a distance from the center or the main body; remote; out-of-the-way
  • 2farthest out; remote
  • 3lying outside the boundary or limit

Using outlying: Examples

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    The outlying villages were the first to be affected by the storm.

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    The company has several outlying offices in different cities.

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    The outlying regions of the country are known for their natural beauty.

outlying Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with outlying

  • a remote or peripheral region


    The government is investing in infrastructure development in outlying areas.

  • outlying islands

    islands that are situated far from the mainland or other islands


    The outlying islands are popular tourist destinations for their pristine beaches and clear waters.

  • outlying district

    a district located far from the city center or main business district


    The outlying districts of the city have seen rapid growth in recent years.

Origins of outlying

from outlie, meaning 'to lie at a distance from'


Summary: outlying in Brief

'Outlying' [out-lahy-ing] describes something that is situated far from the center or main body, often remote or out-of-the-way. It can refer to physical locations such as villages, offices, or regions, as in 'The outlying regions of the country are known for their natural beauty.' 'Outlying' can also describe something that lies outside a boundary or limit. Synonyms include 'remote,' 'distant,' and 'peripheral.'