overdue Definition

not having been done, paid, returned, etc. by the time expected.

Using overdue: Examples

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    The library books are overdue.

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    The rent is two weeks overdue.

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    The project is long overdue for completion.

overdue Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for overdue

Phrases with overdue

  • a payment that has not been made by the expected date


    The company sent a reminder to the customer about the overdue payment.

  • a book borrowed from a library that has not been returned by the due date


    The student had to pay a fine for the overdue library book.

  • a pregnancy that has gone beyond the expected delivery date


    The doctor decided to induce labor as the pregnancy was overdue.


Summary: overdue in Brief

'Overdue' [ˌəʊvəˈdjuː] means something that has not been done, paid, or returned by the expected time. It can refer to library books, payments, or projects. Examples include 'The rent is two weeks overdue' and 'The project is long overdue for completion.'

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