palatable Definition

  • 1having a pleasant or acceptable taste
  • 2pleasant or acceptable to someone

Using palatable: Examples

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  • Example

    The food was not very palatable.

  • Example

    The idea of working with him was not palatable to her.

  • Example

    The medicine was made more palatable by adding a sweetener.

  • Example

    The restaurant serves palatable dishes from different cuisines.

palatable Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with palatable

  • a solution that is acceptable to everyone involved


    The company had to find a palatable solution to the problem that would satisfy both the management and the employees.

  • to make something more acceptable or easier to swallow


    The politician tried to make his controversial proposal more palatable by adding some concessions.

  • visually pleasing or attractive


    The interior design of the house was palatable to the eye, with its elegant and modern style.

Origins of palatable

from Latin 'palātus', meaning 'palate'


Summary: palatable in Brief

'Palatable' [ˈpælətəbl] describes something that has a pleasant or acceptable taste, or something that is pleasant or acceptable to someone. It can refer to food, ideas, solutions, or anything that can be experienced. Examples include 'The food was not very palatable,' and 'The idea of working with him was not palatable to her.' 'Palatable' can also be used in phrases like 'palatable solution,' which means a solution that is acceptable to everyone involved.