paternal Definition

  • 1relating to a father, especially in showing kindness or protection
  • 2related through the father's side of the family

Using paternal: Examples

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    He has a very paternal attitude towards his employees.

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    The child was raised by his paternal grandparents.

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    He inherited his artistic talent from his paternal grandfather.

paternal Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for paternal

Phrases with paternal

  • the natural tendency of a father to protect and care for his offspring


    His paternal instinct kicked in when he saw his child in danger.

  • a period of time that a father takes off work after the birth or adoption of a child


    He decided to take a month of paternal leave to help his wife take care of their newborn baby.

  • paternal grandmother/grandfather

    the mother/father of one's father


    My paternal grandmother used to tell me stories about her youth.

Origins of paternal

from Latin 'pater', meaning 'father'


Summary: paternal in Brief

The term 'paternal' [pəˈtɜːrnəl] refers to a fatherly or protective attitude, as well as to relationships or traits related to one's father's side of the family. Examples include 'He has a very paternal attitude towards his employees.' and 'The child was raised by his paternal grandparents.' Phrases like 'paternal instinct' and 'paternal leave' denote fatherly tendencies and actions.