parental Definition

  • 1relating to a parent or parents
  • 2typical of a mother or father, especially in being kind, protective, and caring

Using parental: Examples

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    The school has a parental involvement program.

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    She has a strong parental instinct.

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    The parental leave policy is very generous.

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    The parental controls on the computer restrict access to certain websites.

parental Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for parental

Phrases with parental

  • a warning label used to indicate that a recording contains explicit language or content that may be inappropriate for children


    The album has a parental advisory label due to its explicit lyrics.

  • the process by which one parent manipulates a child to reject the other parent without justification


    The court found evidence of parental alienation and awarded custody to the other parent.

  • the legal obligation of a parent to provide for the physical, emotional, and financial needs of their child


    The court granted her parental responsibility for the child after the divorce.


Summary: parental in Brief

The term 'parental' [pəˈren(t)l] refers to something related to a parent or parents. It can describe the typical behavior of a mother or father, such as being kind, protective, and caring. Examples include 'parental leave policy' and 'parental controls on the computer.' Phrases like 'parental advisory' warn of explicit content, while 'parental alienation' describes the manipulation of a child against one parent. 'Parental responsibility' refers to the legal obligation of a parent to provide for their child's needs.

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