pavement Definition

  • 1a raised, hard surface, such as a road or path, that people walk on
  • 2the material used for making a pavement

Using pavement: Examples

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  • Example

    The pavement was slippery after the rain.

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    She tripped and fell on the pavement.

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    The city is repairing the pavement on Main Street.

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    The pavement was made of cobblestones.

pavement Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for pavement

Phrases with pavement

  • to start walking or running, especially in a determined way


    After being fired, he hit the pavement to look for a new job.

  • walking on the sidewalk or footpath


    The children were playing on the pavement outside their house.

  • to walk around looking for something, especially a job


    He spent weeks pounding the pavement before he finally found work.

Origins of pavement

from Old French 'paveoir', meaning 'to pave'


Summary: pavement in Brief

The term 'pavement' [ˈpeɪvmənt] refers to a raised, hard surface for walking, such as a road or path. It can also refer to the material used to make such surfaces. Examples include 'The city is repairing the pavement on Main Street.' and 'The pavement was made of cobblestones.' Phrases like 'hit the pavement' and 'pound the pavement' denote walking with purpose, while 'on the pavement' simply means walking on the sidewalk or footpath.

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