peaceful Definition

  • 1free from disturbance; tranquil
  • 2not involving violence or force

Using peaceful: Examples

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    The peaceful lake was a perfect spot for fishing.

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    The protesters were peaceful and non-violent.

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    She felt peaceful and content after her yoga practice.

peaceful Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with peaceful

  • the state of two or more groups or nations existing together without conflict


    The two countries have maintained peaceful coexistence for over a decade.

  • a demonstration or march that is non-violent and does not involve force


    The students organized a peaceful protest against the new school policy.

  • a solution to a conflict that is reached without violence or force


    The two sides were able to come to a peaceful resolution through mediation.


Summary: peaceful in Brief

The term 'peaceful' [ˈpiːsfʊl] describes a state free from disturbance, often characterized by tranquility. It can also refer to situations that are non-violent or do not involve force, such as 'peaceful protests.' Synonyms include 'calm' and 'placid,' while antonyms include 'violent' and 'turbulent.'

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