placid Definition

  • 1not easily upset or excited
  • 2calm and peaceful

Using placid: Examples

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  • Example

    The lake was placid and still.

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    She had a placid personality and rarely got angry.

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    The placid atmosphere of the countryside was a welcome change from the noise of the city.

placid Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with placid

  • calm and still water, often used to describe a body of water like a lake or pond


    The placid waters of the lake were perfect for swimming.

  • a calm and composed manner or behavior


    Despite the chaos around her, she maintained a placid demeanor.

  • a life characterized by peace and tranquility


    After years of stress and turmoil, she longed for a placid life in the countryside.

Origins of placid

from Latin 'placidus', meaning 'gentle, calm'


Summary: placid in Brief

'Placid' [ˈplæsɪd] describes someone or something that is calm, peaceful, and not easily upset or excited. It is often used to describe bodies of water, people's personalities, and the atmosphere of a place. Examples include 'The lake was placid and still.' and 'She had a placid personality and rarely got angry.' Synonyms include 'tranquil' and 'serene,' while antonyms include 'agitated' and 'disturbed.'