peak Definition

  • 1the pointed top of a mountain
  • 2the highest point or level of something
  • 3a sharp increase followed by a decrease

Using peak: Examples

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  • Example

    The peak of the mountain was covered in snow.

  • Example

    The stock market reached its peak last year.

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    Her interest in the subject reached its peak during college.

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    The number of COVID-19 cases peaked in April.

peak Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for peak

Idioms Using peak

  • to bring something to the highest level of success or achievement


    The coach helped take the team to the peak of their abilities.

  • at the highest point or level of something


    The singer was at the peak of her career when she released her latest album.

  • to get a glimpse of the hidden or behind-the-scenes aspects of something


    The documentary gave viewers a peak behind the curtain of the movie-making process.

Phrases with peak

  • to reach the highest point or level of something


    The company's profits reached a peak last year.

  • off-peak

    relating to a time when demand or activity is at a low level


    Train fares are cheaper during off-peak hours.

  • the best level of performance that someone can achieve


    The athlete's peak performance was during the Olympics.

Origins of peak

from Middle English 'pek', meaning 'point'


Summary: peak in Brief

The term 'peak' [piːk] refers to the pointed top of a mountain, the highest point or level of something, and a sharp increase followed by a decrease. It extends into phrases like 'reach a peak,' 'off-peak,' and 'peak performance,' and idioms like 'take something to the peak,' 'at the peak of something,' and 'peak behind the curtain.'

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