pepper Definition

  • 1a pungent hot-tasting powder prepared from dried and ground peppercorns, commonly used as a spice or condiment to flavor food
  • 2a climbing plant of the family Piperaceae, which yields peppercorns

Using pepper: Examples

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    I always add a pinch of pepper to my scrambled eggs.

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    The recipe calls for a teaspoon of black pepper.

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    She sneezed when she accidentally inhaled some pepper.

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    The steak was perfectly seasoned with salt and pepper.

pepper Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with pepper

  • a chemical compound that irritates the eyes and causes tears, pain, and temporary blindness, used chiefly in self-defense


    She carries pepper spray in her purse for protection.

  • a small hand-operated or electric device used to grind peppercorns into powder for use as a spice or condiment


    He ground fresh pepper onto his salad using a pepper mill.

  • bell pepper

    a large mild-flavored pepper with a hollow, bell-shaped body


    She sliced up some red and green bell peppers for the stir-fry.

Origins of pepper

from Middle English 'peper', from Old English 'pipor', from Latin 'piper', from Greek 'peperi'


Summary: pepper in Brief

The term 'pepper' [ˈpɛpər] refers to a pungent hot-tasting powder made from peppercorns, used to flavor food. It can also refer to the climbing plant that produces peppercorns. Phrases like 'pepper spray,' 'pepper mill,' and 'bell pepper' extend the term's usage. 'Pepper' is a common seasoning and condiment, often paired with salt.

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