per Definition

  • 1for each
  • 2used to express rates of pay, measurements, etc.
  • 3by means of; through

Using per: Examples

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  • Example

    The cost per person is $20.

  • Example

    He earns $15 per hour.

  • Example

    The speed limit is 60 miles per hour.

  • Example

    She communicated with him per email.

  • Example

    The package was sent per express delivery.

per Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for per

Phrases with per

  • by or in itself or themselves; intrinsically


    The technology is not good or bad per se, but it depends on how it's used.

  • for each year; annually


    The interest rate is 5% per annum.

  • for each person; in relation to people taken individually


    The country's per capita income has increased in recent years.

Origins of per

from Latin 'per', meaning 'through'


Summary: per in Brief

'Per' [pər] is a preposition that means 'for each' and is used to express rates of pay, measurements, etc. It can also mean 'by means of' or 'through'. Examples include 'The cost per person is $20.' and 'She communicated with him per email.' 'Per' is often used in phrases such as 'per se,' meaning 'intrinsically,' and 'per annum,' meaning 'annually.'

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