perceptive Definition

  • 1having or showing an ability to understand or notice something easily or quickly
  • 2able to see or notice things that are not obvious to others

Using perceptive: Examples

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    She has a perceptive mind and can easily understand complex concepts.

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    The perceptive detective noticed the small details that others missed.

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    His perceptive comments added depth to the conversation.

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    The artist's perceptive eye captured the essence of the landscape.

perceptive Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for perceptive

Phrases with perceptive

  • sensitive or responsive to something


    He is perceptive to the needs of his clients.

  • having an understanding or awareness of something


    She was perceptive of the underlying emotions in the room.

  • a type of active listening where the listener tries to understand the speaker's perspective and feelings


    Perceptive listening is an important skill for therapists and counselors.

Origins of perceptive

from Latin 'perceptivus', from 'percept-' meaning 'taken in, received'


Summary: perceptive in Brief

The term 'perceptive' [pəˈsɛptɪv] describes someone who has a keen ability to understand or notice things easily and quickly. It is often used to describe people who are observant, insightful, and intuitive. 'Perceptive' can be used in phrases like 'perceptive to' and 'perceptive of,' and is commonly used in professional settings to describe someone who is discerning and quick-witted.