perish Definition

  • 1to die, especially in a sudden violent way
  • 2to be destroyed, especially by fire, flood, or other natural disasters

Using perish: Examples

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  • Example

    Many people perished in the earthquake.

  • Example

    The food will perish if it's not refrigerated.

  • Example

    The ancient city was destroyed and perished under the sands of time.

  • Example

    The company will perish if it doesn't adapt to the changing market.

perish Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with perish

  • to allow someone or something to die or be destroyed


    The government let the economy perish due to their poor policies.

  • used to say that you hope that something will never happen


    Perish the thought that we should ever have to live without electricity!

  • to die while trying to do something very difficult


    Many climbers have perished in the attempt to climb Mount Everest.

Origins of perish

from Old French 'perir', from Latin 'perire', meaning 'to go through, perish'


Summary: perish in Brief

The verb 'perish' [ˈperɪʃ] means to die suddenly or violently, or to be destroyed by natural disasters. It can also refer to the decay or expiration of food. Examples include 'Many people perished in the earthquake,' and 'The food will perish if it's not refrigerated.' The phrase 'let perish' means to allow something to die or be destroyed, while 'perish the thought' is used to express the hope that something will never happen.