photojournalist Definition

  • 1a journalist who uses photographs to tell a news story
  • 2a person who takes photographs, especially as a job, for newspapers or magazines

Using photojournalist: Examples

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    The photojournalist captured the devastation caused by the hurricane.

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    She worked as a photojournalist for several newspapers before starting her own photography business.

photojournalist Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for photojournalist

Phrases with photojournalist

  • a photojournalist who covers war and conflict zones


    The war photojournalist risked his life to capture the atrocities of the war.

  • a photojournalist who specializes in taking pictures of celebrities


    The celebrity photojournalist was able to capture exclusive photos of the famous actor's wedding.

  • a photojournalist who works independently and is not employed by a specific news organization


    The freelance photojournalist sold her photos to various news outlets to make a living.


Summary: photojournalist in Brief

'Photojournalist' [foh-toh-jur-nl-ist] refers to a journalist who uses photographs to tell a news story or a person who takes photographs for newspapers or magazines. It includes specialties like 'war photojournalist,' 'celebrity photojournalist,' and 'freelance photojournalist.'