planner Definition

  • 1a person who makes plans, especially for something that will happen in the future
  • 2a book or system designed to help people organize their lives by recording appointments, tasks, and other important information

Using planner: Examples

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    As a wedding planner, she had to coordinate with various vendors.

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    I use a planner to keep track of my schedule and deadlines.

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    The city planner is responsible for designing and managing the city's infrastructure.

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    The project planner created a detailed timeline for the team to follow.

planner Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with planner

  • a tool used by pilots to plan their flights, taking into account factors such as weather, fuel consumption, and flight regulations


    The flight planner showed that we needed to make a stopover in Chicago.

  • a tool used to plan meals in advance, often to meet specific dietary requirements or health goals


    The meal planner helped me stay on track with my weight loss goals.

  • a professional who helps individuals and businesses create financial plans and achieve their financial goals


    We consulted a financial planner to help us invest our savings wisely.


Summary: planner in Brief

A 'planner' [ˈplænər] can refer to a person who makes plans, or a book or system designed to help people organize their lives. Examples include a wedding planner, a city planner, and a project planner. Phrases like 'flight planner,' 'meal planner,' and 'financial planner' denote specific tools or professionals. A planner is useful for keeping track of appointments, tasks, and other important information.