flight Definition

  • 1the action or process of flying through the air, or the ability to do so
  • 2a journey made by flying, especially a scheduled journey made by an airline
  • 3a series of stairs or levels connecting one floor of a building to another

Using flight: Examples

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  • Example

    The bird took flight and soared into the sky.

  • Example

    I'm taking a flight to New York tomorrow.

  • Example

    The hotel room was on the third flight of stairs.

flight Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for flight

Idioms Using flight

  • to run away or escape from a situation


    When the police arrived, the suspect took flight and ran away.

  • at the peak of one's abilities or performance


    The athlete was in full flight during the final lap of the race.

  • an idea or thought that is unlikely to be practical or possible


    His plan to build a house on the moon was just a flight of fancy.

Phrases with flight

  • a member of the crew on a commercial airplane whose job is to look after the passengers


    The flight attendant served drinks and snacks during the flight.

  • when a flight is postponed or rescheduled for a later time


    Due to bad weather, there was a three-hour flight delay.

  • the route taken by an aircraft or spacecraft during a flight


    The flight path of the plane took it over the Atlantic Ocean.


Summary: flight in Brief

The term 'flight' [flaɪt] refers to the act of flying or the ability to do so, as well as a scheduled journey made by an airline. It can also refer to a series of stairs or levels connecting floors of a building. Phrases like 'flight attendant' and 'flight path' are common in air travel, while idioms like 'take flight' and 'flight of fancy' extend the term's meaning to running away and impractical ideas.

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