plebeian Definition

  • 1a commoner in ancient Rome
  • 2a person of low social status
  • 3lacking in refinement or sophistication

Using plebeian: Examples

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    The plebeians were not allowed to hold public office in ancient Rome.

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    She was born into a plebeian family and had to work hard to achieve success.

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    His taste in music is quite plebeian, preferring pop songs over classical music.

plebeian Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for plebeian

Phrases with plebeian

  • a form of democracy in which all citizens have equal political power, regardless of their social status


    Athens is often cited as an example of plebeian democracy.

  • a language that is considered vulgar or unrefined


    The use of plebeian language is frowned upon in formal settings.

  • culture that is considered lowbrow or unsophisticated


    Reality TV shows are often associated with plebeian culture.

Origins of plebeian

from Latin 'plebeius', meaning 'of the common people'


Summary: plebeian in Brief

The term 'plebeian' [pləˈbiːən] refers to a commoner in ancient Rome, a person of low social status, or someone lacking refinement or sophistication. It can be used as both a noun and an adjective, as in 'She was born into a plebeian family.' The phrase 'plebeian democracy' denotes a form of democracy in which all citizens have equal political power, while 'plebeian language' and 'plebeian culture' refer to language and culture that are considered vulgar or unsophisticated.