politician Definition

a person who is professionally involved in politics, especially as a holder of an elected office.

Using politician: Examples

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    She is a successful politician who has been re-elected multiple times.

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    The politician promised to lower taxes if elected.

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    Many politicians are lawyers by profession.

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    The politician's speech was well-received by the audience.

politician Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for politician

Antonyms for politician

  • non-politician
  • private citizen

Idioms Using politician

  • play politics

    to engage in political maneuvering or manipulation, often to gain an advantage


    He was always playing politics, trying to get ahead at work by making alliances with the right people.

  • unethical or underhanded political tactics, often involving lies or personal attacks


    The campaign turned ugly when the candidates started resorting to dirty politics, slinging mud at each other instead of discussing the issues.

  • a political strategy that seeks to exploit feelings of jealousy or resentment among voters


    The candidate's platform was based on the politics of envy, promising to take from the rich and give to the poor.

Phrases with politician

  • a person who has made politics their primary career choice and has often held multiple elected offices


    He has been a career politician for over 20 years, holding various positions in local and national government.

  • backroom politician

    a person who works behind the scenes in politics, often manipulating events or people to achieve their goals


    He was known as a backroom politician, always scheming and plotting to get what he wanted.

  • a person who is involved in politics at the local level, often working with community groups or organizations


    She started out as a grassroots politician, working with neighborhood associations and local charities before running for office.

Origins of politician

from French 'politicien', from 'politique' meaning 'political'


Summary: politician in Brief

A 'politician' [ˌpɑːləˈtɪʃən] is a professional involved in politics, often holding elected office. The term spans contexts from local grassroots movements to national campaigns, exemplified by 'The politician promised to lower taxes if elected.' 'Politician' extends into phrases like 'career politician,' and idioms like 'play politics,' denoting political maneuvering.

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