politics Definition

  • 1the activities associated with the governance of a country or area, especially the debate between parties having power
  • 2activities aimed at improving someone's status or increasing power within an organization

Using politics: Examples

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    She is studying politics at university.

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    The politics of the situation are complex and difficult to navigate.

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    The company's politics made it difficult for her to advance in her career.

politics Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using politics

  • play politics

    manipulate situations or people to gain an advantage, especially in the workplace


    She learned to play politics at work to get ahead in her career.

  • the use of resentment and jealousy to gain political support


    The politician's campaign relied heavily on the politics of envy, pitting the poor against the rich.

  • the use of fear to influence public opinion and policy


    The government's policies were criticized for relying on the politics of fear to justify their actions.

Phrases with politics

  • unethical or dishonest political practices


    The candidate was accused of playing dirty politics to win the election.

  • political positions based on the interests and perspectives of social groups with which people identify


    The party's platform focused on issues of identity politics, such as race and gender equality.

  • the internal workings and dynamics of a political party


    The party's infighting and disagreements over party politics led to a loss in the election.

Origins of politics

from Greek 'politikos', meaning 'of citizens or the state'


Summary: politics in Brief

The term 'politics' [ˈpɒlɪtɪks] refers to activities related to governing a country or area, including debates between parties in power. It also encompasses activities aimed at improving one's status or increasing power within an organization. Examples include 'She is studying politics at university,' and 'The company's politics made it difficult for her to advance in her career.' Phrases like 'dirty politics' and idioms like 'play politics' denote unethical or manipulative practices, while 'politics of fear' and 'politics of envy' refer to specific tactics used in political campaigns.

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