pond Definition

a small body of still water formed naturally or by artificial means.

Using pond: Examples

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    The pond in the park is home to many ducks and fish.

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    They built a pond in their backyard for their koi fish.

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    The children love to catch tadpoles in the pond.

pond Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for pond

Phrases with pond

  • a pond that is stocked with fish, often for recreational fishing


    The resort has a fish pond where guests can catch their own dinner.

  • a pond that is home to ducks, often found in parks or gardens


    The duck pond in the botanical garden is a popular spot for visitors.

  • a pond that is home to frogs, often found in wetlands or marshes


    The frog pond is teeming with life during the springtime.


Summary: pond in Brief

A 'pond' [pɒnd] is a small body of still water that can be natural or man-made. It is often home to aquatic life such as fish, ducks, and frogs. Examples include the pond in the park, the fish pond at the resort, and the frog pond in the wetlands.

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