basin Definition

  • 1a wide, round open container, especially one used for holding liquid
  • 2a large or specific area of land, such as a drainage basin

Using basin: Examples

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    She filled the basin with water to wash her face.

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    The Amazon River basin is home to many unique species.

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    The city lies in the basin of a valley.

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    The basin of the sink was clogged.

basin Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using basin

  • to be wasted or lost


    All of our hard work will go down the drain if we don't meet the deadline.

  • to take advantage of a difficult situation for personal gain


    He's always fishing in troubled waters, trying to profit from other people's misfortunes.

  • to cause trouble or controversy


    She didn't want to make waves by speaking out against her boss's decision.

Phrases with basin

  • catchment basin

    a structure designed to collect and hold rainwater runoff


    The catchment basin overflowed during the heavy rainstorm.

  • a bowl-shaped sink used for washing hands and face


    He splashed water on his face in the wash basin.

  • an area of land where all the water drains into a particular river or lake


    The Mississippi River drainage basin covers a large portion of the United States.

Origins of basin

from Old French 'bacin', from bac, meaning 'a boat'


Summary: basin in Brief

A 'basin' [ˈbeɪsən] is a wide, round container used for holding liquids or a large area of land. It can refer to a catchment basin, a wash basin, or a drainage basin, which is an area where all the water drains into a particular river or lake. Idioms like 'go down the drain' and 'make waves' use 'basin' metaphorically to describe wasted effort or causing trouble.

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