spring Definition

  • 1the season between winter and summer, when the weather becomes warmer and plants start to grow again
  • 2a place where water comes up naturally from the ground
  • 3a thin piece of metal that returns to its original shape after it has been bent or pressed

Using spring: Examples

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    The flowers are in bloom in spring.

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    I love going for walks in the spring.

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    There is a natural spring in the woods behind my house.

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    The car's suspension has a broken spring.

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    She wound the clock using a key and a spring mechanism.

spring Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using spring

  • to quickly become active or start doing something


    When the fire alarm went off, the firefighters sprang into action.

  • to come quickly and easily to one's thoughts


    When I think of Italy, pizza and pasta spring to mind.

  • a young person, especially one who is inexperienced or naive


    He may be a CEO now, but he's still a spring chicken compared to some of the other executives.

Phrases with spring

  • the practice of thoroughly cleaning a house or room in the springtime


    I always do a big spring cleaning of my apartment.

  • a feeling of restlessness or excitement experienced at the onset of spring


    I always get spring fever and want to be outside all the time.

  • a type of Asian food consisting of vegetables, meat, and/or seafood wrapped in a thin pastry and fried or steamed


    I ordered some spring rolls as an appetizer.

Origins of spring

from Old English 'springan', meaning 'to leap up, burst forth'


Summary: spring in Brief

The term 'spring' [sprɪŋ] refers to a season of the year characterized by warmer weather and plant growth. It also denotes a natural source of water and a thin piece of metal that returns to its original shape after being bent. Phrases like 'spring cleaning' and 'spring fever' are associated with the season, while idioms like 'spring into action' and 'spring to mind' denote quick action and easy recall, respectively.

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