potable Definition

  • 1safe to drink; drinkable
  • 2suitable for drinking or consumption

Using potable: Examples

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  • Example

    The water in this area is not potable.

  • Example

    The hotel provides potable water for its guests.

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    The team carried a potable stove and enough food for the trip.

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    The government has launched a campaign to provide potable water to rural areas.

potable Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for potable

Phrases with potable

  • non-potable

    not safe or suitable for drinking


    The sign clearly stated that the water was non-potable.

  • alcohol that is safe for human consumption


    The distillery produces high-quality potable alcohol.

  • water that is safe for drinking


    The campers brought a filter to make potable water from the nearby stream.

Origins of potable

from Latin 'potabilis', meaning 'drinkable'


Summary: potable in Brief

The term 'potable' [หˆpoสŠtษ™bl] refers to something that is safe and suitable for drinking or consumption. It is often used to describe water, as in 'The water in this area is not potable,' but can also refer to other liquids or food. 'Potable' has antonyms like 'undrinkable' and 'contaminated,' and is commonly used in phrases like 'non-potable' and 'potable water.'