preserving Definition

  • 1the activity of treating food to stop it from decaying so that it can be kept for a long time
  • 2maintaining something in its original or existing state

Using preserving: Examples

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  • Example

    Preserving fruits and vegetables is a great way to enjoy them all year round.

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    The preserving of historical buildings is important for future generations.

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    The preserving of peace is essential for the well-being of society.

preserving Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with preserving

  • self-preserving

    protecting oneself from harm or danger


    Her self-preserving instincts kicked in when she sensed danger.

  • a glass jar used for preserving food


    She stored the pickles in a preserving jar.

  • a deep, wide pan used for making jams and preserves


    She used a preserving pan to make strawberry jam.


Summary: preserving in Brief

Preserving [priˈzərviNG] refers to the activity of treating food to prevent decay and maintaining something in its original state. It can be applied to food, historical buildings, and peace. Examples include 'Preserving fruits and vegetables' and 'The preserving of historical buildings.' Phrases include 'self-preserving,' 'preserving jar,' and 'preserving pan.'

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