sustenance Definition

  • 1food and drink regarded as a source of strength; nourishment
  • 2the maintaining of someone or something in life or existence

Using sustenance: Examples

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    The body needs sustenance to function properly.

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    The refugees were in dire need of sustenance.

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    Fishing and hunting provided the tribe with sustenance.

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    The soup kitchen provides sustenance for the homeless.

sustenance Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using sustenance

  • food that provides the necessary nutrients to sustain life


    The bread of sustenance kept the soldiers alive during the long march.

  • provide the necessary support or nourishment to someone or something


    The love and care of her family gave sustenance to her during her illness.

  • something that provides emotional or spiritual nourishment


    Art and music can provide sustenance for the soul.

Phrases with sustenance

  • something that gives nourishment or support to a person's spirit or soul


    For many people, religion provides spiritual sustenance.

  • a type of farming where the farmer grows only enough food to feed themselves and their family, without any surplus for sale


    In some parts of the world, sustenance farming is still the primary way of life.

  • a regular payment made to someone to help them meet their basic needs


    The government provides a sustenance allowance to those who are unable to work.

Origins of sustenance

from Old French 'sostenance', from Latin 'sustinere', meaning 'to hold up'


Summary: sustenance in Brief

'Sustenance' [ˈsʌstənəns] refers to food and drink that provides nourishment and strength, as well as the act of maintaining someone or something in life or existence. It can be seen in contexts such as farming, where it is necessary for survival, and in phrases like 'spiritual sustenance,' which refers to something that nourishes the soul. The idiom 'give sustenance to' means to provide necessary support or nourishment.

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