prison Definition

a building where people are kept as a punishment for a crime they have committed or while awaiting trial.

Using prison: Examples

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    He was sentenced to ten years in prison.

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    The prison population has increased by 20% in the last decade.

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    She works as a prison guard.

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    The prison system needs reform.

prison Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using prison

  • to serve a sentence in prison


    He did time in prison for his involvement in the robbery.

  • to send someone to prison as a punishment


    The judge threatened to throw him in prison if he didn't comply with the court order.

  • to spend a long time in prison, especially as a punishment for a serious crime


    He deserves to rot in prison for what he did to those innocent people.

Phrases with prison

  • a sentence of imprisonment for the rest of a person's life


    The judge sentenced him to life imprisonment for his crimes.

  • a prison designed to hold the most dangerous criminals and with the highest level of security measures


    He was transferred to a maximum security prison after attempting to escape from his previous facility.

  • an escape from prison, typically involving multiple prisoners


    The prison break was carefully planned and executed over several months.

Origins of prison

from Old French 'prisoun', from Latin 'prehesionem', meaning 'a capture'


Summary: prison in Brief

The term 'prison' [ˈprɪz(ə)n] refers to a building where people are held as a punishment for a crime they have committed or while awaiting trial. It is often used in phrases like 'life imprisonment,' 'maximum security prison,' and 'prison break.' 'Prison' is also used in idioms like 'do time in prison,' 'throw someone in prison,' and 'rot in prison.'

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