quenched Definition

  • 1satisfy (one's thirst) by drinking.
  • 2extinguish (a fire).
  • 3satisfy (a desire).

Using quenched: Examples

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  • Example

    He quenched his thirst with a glass of water.

  • Example

    The firefighters worked to quench the flames.

  • Example

    She quenched her curiosity by reading the entire book.

  • Example

    The rain finally quenched the forest fire.

  • Example

    He quenched his anger by taking a deep breath.

quenched Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with quenched

  • quench one's thirst

    to satisfy one's thirst by drinking something


    After a long hike, we stopped at a stream to quench our thirst.

  • to suppress or put an end to a rebellion or uprising


    The government sent in troops to quench the rebellion.

  • quench someone's enthusiasm

    to discourage or dampen someone's excitement or passion for something


    The negative reviews quenched his enthusiasm for the movie.


Summary: quenched in Brief

The verb 'quenched' [kwentʃt] means to satisfy a thirst or desire, extinguish a fire, or suppress a rebellion. It is often used in phrases such as 'quench one's thirst' and 'quench a rebellion.' The term can also be used figuratively, such as 'quench someone's enthusiasm,' meaning to dampen their excitement.