radiant Definition

  • 1sending out light; shining or glowing brightly
  • 2showing great happiness, love, health, etc.

Using radiant: Examples

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  • Example

    The sun was radiant in the clear blue sky.

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    She had a radiant smile on her face.

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    The bride looked radiant in her wedding dress.

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    The flowers were radiant with color.

radiant Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for radiant

Idioms Using radiant

  • showing great happiness or pleasure


    She was radiant with joy when she received the news of her promotion.

  • a very happy and friendly smile


    Her radiant smile lit up the room.

  • a person or thing that is extremely beautiful and shines with an inner light


    The actress was known for her radiant beauty and talent.

Phrases with radiant

  • energy that is transmitted in the form of electromagnetic waves, such as light and heat


    Radiant energy from the sun is essential for life on Earth.

  • heat that is transferred through space by electromagnetic waves, such as infrared radiation


    The fireplace provides radiant heat that warms the entire room.

  • a healthy and glowing appearance of the skin


    She takes good care of her skin, which is why she has a radiant complexion.

Origins of radiant

from Latin 'radiare', meaning 'to shine'


Summary: radiant in Brief

The term 'radiant' [ˈreɪdiənt] refers to something that is shining or glowing brightly, such as the sun or a person's smile. It can also denote great happiness or health, as in 'She had a radiant smile on her face.' 'Radiant' extends into phrases like 'radiant energy,' and idioms like 'radiant with joy,' denoting great happiness, and 'radiant beauty,' implying extreme beauty.

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