radio Definition

  • 1the activity or industry of broadcasting sound programmes to the public, or similar programmes for employees
  • 2a device that receives radio signals and converts them into sounds that people can hear

Using radio: Examples

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    I listen to the radio every morning.

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    The radio station broadcasts news and music all day long.

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    The car radio was playing my favorite song.

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    The company uses radio communication to keep in touch with its employees.

radio Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for radio

Idioms Using radio

  • being broadcasted on the radio


    Their new song is playing on the radio right now.

  • increase the volume of the radio


    Can you turn up the radio? I can't hear it very well.

  • a situation where there are many different opinions or ideas


    The meeting turned into a box of radios with everyone talking at once.

Phrases with radio

  • a period during which no radio transmissions are made, especially by military forces


    The soldiers were ordered to maintain radio silence until further notice.

  • electromagnetic waves of a frequency used for long-distance communication


    Radio waves are used to transmit information from one place to another.

  • a range of electromagnetic frequencies used for communication or broadcasting


    The radio frequency for this station is 98.5 FM.

Origins of radio

from the prefix 'radi-' meaning 'radiant' or 'emitting rays'


Summary: radio in Brief

The term 'radio' [ˈreɪdiəʊ] refers to the activity or industry of broadcasting sound programmes, or a device that receives radio signals. It is used for entertainment and communication purposes, such as listening to music or keeping in touch with employees. Phrases like 'radio silence' and 'radio waves' extend its usage, while idioms like 'on the radio' and 'turn up the radio' denote being broadcasted or increasing the volume. 'Box of radios' is an idiom for a situation with many different opinions.

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