reclamation Definition

  • 1the process of returning land to its previous condition after it has been damaged or destroyed, especially by mining, agriculture, or other human activities
  • 2the process of claiming back something that has been lost or taken away

Using reclamation: Examples

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    The reclamation of the land after the mining operation was a long and difficult process.

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    The reclamation of the stolen artifacts was a major victory for the museum.

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    The company is committed to the reclamation of the natural environment.

reclamation Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for reclamation

Phrases with reclamation

  • the process of creating new land from oceans, riverbeds, or lake beds


    The city's expansion was made possible through land reclamation.

  • a large-scale effort to restore or rehabilitate an area that has been damaged or destroyed


    The government launched a reclamation project to restore the wetlands.

  • self-reclamation

    the process of regaining one's sense of identity, dignity, or self-worth


    Her journey of self-reclamation led her to leave the toxic relationship.

Origins of reclamation

from Latin 're-' meaning 'back' and 'clamare' meaning 'to call'


Summary: reclamation in Brief

The term 'reclamation' [ˌrɛkləˈmeɪʃən] refers to two main concepts. The first is the process of restoring land to its previous state after damage or destruction, such as mining or agriculture. The second is the process of claiming back something that has been lost or taken away. Examples of 'reclamation' include the restoration of wetlands and the recovery of stolen artifacts. The phrase 'land reclamation' denotes the creation of new land, while 'self-reclamation' refers to regaining one's sense of identity or self-worth.