revival Definition

  • 1an improvement in the condition or strength of something
  • 2an instance of something becoming popular, active, or important again
  • 3a new production of a play or similar work that has not been performed for some time

Using revival: Examples

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  • Example

    The company's revival was due to a new marketing strategy.

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    There has been a revival of interest in traditional crafts.

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    The church is experiencing a revival of faith.

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    The theater group is staging a revival of the classic musical.

revival Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using revival

  • a revival of fortunes

    a significant improvement in one's financial or social situation


    After years of struggling, the company experienced a revival of fortunes with the launch of a new product line.

  • to rekindle a romantic relationship with someone from the past


    He decided to revive an old flame and contacted his high school sweetheart.

  • to bring back or restore a custom or practice


    The community decided to revive the annual harvest festival.

Phrases with revival

  • a series of religious services held to inspire and renew faith


    The preacher led a revival meeting that lasted for a week.

  • a person who promotes or leads a revival of interest or activity


    The artist was a revivalist of the Art Deco style.

  • a movie theater that shows classic or cult films


    The revival house is screening a series of Hitchcock movies this month.

Origins of revival

from Latin 'revivere', meaning 'to live again'


Summary: revival in Brief

The term 'revival' [rɪˈvaɪvl] refers to an improvement or resurgence of something, such as a company, craft, or faith. It can also denote the renewed popularity or importance of something, like a classic film or a tradition. Examples include 'The company's revival was due to a new marketing strategy.' and 'The theater group is staging a revival of the classic musical.' Idioms like 'a revival of fortunes' and 'revive an old flame' add depth to the concept of renewal.