recognizable Definition

  • 1able to be recognized or identified from previous encounters or knowledge
  • 2having a quality or feature that makes something easily identifiable

Using recognizable: Examples

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  • Example

    Her voice is very recognizable.

  • Example

    The brand's logo is easily recognizable.

  • Example

    The building's architecture is recognizable as Art Deco.

  • Example

    The smell was recognizable as burnt toast.

recognizable Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with recognizable

  • immediately and easily identifiable


    The company's jingle is instantly recognizable.

  • difficult to identify due to significant changes or damage


    After the fire, the house was barely recognizable.

  • able to be identified without difficulty


    The actor is easily recognizable due to his distinctive features.


Summary: recognizable in Brief

The term 'recognizable' [ˈrek.əɡ.naɪ.zə.bəl] describes something that can be identified or distinguished from previous knowledge or experience. It can refer to a person's voice, a brand's logo, or a building's architecture, among other things. The phrase 'instantly recognizable' denotes immediate identification, while 'barely recognizable' implies significant changes or damage. 'Easily recognizable' means that something can be identified without difficulty.

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