recommendation Definition

  • 1a suggestion or proposal as to the best course of action, especially one put forward by an authoritative body
  • 2the act of recommending someone or something for a particular job or task

Using recommendation: Examples

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    The committee's recommendation was to approve the new policy.

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    I followed my doctor's recommendation and took the prescribed medication.

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    She received a glowing recommendation from her previous employer.

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    The book came with high recommendations from several critics.

recommendation Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using recommendation

  • without a favorable endorsement or suggestion


    The product was sold without recommendation from the company.

  • under consideration or advisement for a particular action or decision


    The proposal is currently under recommendation by the committee.

  • a highly positive suggestion or endorsement


    The chef gave his strong recommendation for the seafood dish.

Phrases with recommendation

  • a letter written by someone who knows you, such as a former teacher or employer, that describes your skills, abilities, and character and is often required when applying for a job or school


    He asked his professor to write him a letter of recommendation for graduate school.

  • a software system that analyzes data about a user's preferences and behavior in order to make personalized recommendations for products, services, or content


    The recommendation engine on the website suggests new books based on your reading history.

  • a letter of recommendation


    She asked her boss to write her a recommendation letter for her job application.

Origins of recommendation

from Old French 'recommandation', from 'recommander', meaning 'to recommend'


Summary: recommendation in Brief

A 'recommendation' [ˌrɛkəmɛnˈdeɪʃən] is a suggestion or proposal, especially from an authoritative source. It can refer to a suggestion for action, like 'The committee's recommendation was to approve the new policy,' or a suggestion for a person, like 'She received a glowing recommendation from her previous employer.' Phrases like 'letter of recommendation' and 'recommendation engine' extend the term's usage, while idioms like 'without recommendation' and 'strong recommendation' add nuance.

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