relative Definition

  • 1considered in relation or in proportion to something else.
  • 2a person connected by blood or marriage.

Using relative: Examples

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    The cost of living is relative to income.

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    The success of the project is relative to the amount of effort put into it.

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    My sister is a relative of mine.

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    He has many relatives living in the area.

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    The company hired her as a favor to a relative.

relative Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for relative

Idioms Using relative

  • in connection with; concerning.


    In relation to your question, I think we should consider all possible options.

  • something that people can have different views about.


    Whether or not he is a good teacher is a matter of opinion.

  • pertaining to or involving one's family or relatives.


    The business is all in the family, with each member having a specific role.

Phrases with relative

  • blood relative

    a person who is related to another by birth rather than by marriage.


    She was his only surviving blood relative.

  • a relative who is not closely related.


    I have a lot of distant relatives that I've never met.

  • the person or people who are most closely related to someone, especially to someone who has died.


    In case of an emergency, the hospital will contact your next of kin.

Origins of relative

from Latin 'relativus', meaning 'having reference or relation'


Summary: relative in Brief

The term 'relative' [ˈrɛlətɪv] refers to something considered in relation or proportion to something else. It can also refer to a person connected by blood or marriage. Examples include 'The cost of living is relative to income.' and 'My sister is a relative of mine.' Phrases like 'blood relative' and idioms like 'all in the family' further illustrate the concept of family connections.

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