released Definition

  • 1allow (something) to move, act, or flow freely.
  • 2allow (information) to be generally available.

Using released: Examples

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    The prisoner was released from jail after serving his sentence.

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    The movie was released in theaters last week.

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    The company released a statement about the incident.

released Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with released

  • the date on which a movie, album, or other form of entertainment is made available to the public.


    Do you know the release date for the new Harry Potter book?

  • a legal document that allows someone to use another person's image or likeness in a photograph or video.


    I had to sign a release form before they could use my picture in their advertisement.

  • a celebration held to mark the launch of a new product or service.


    The company is hosting a release party for their latest software update.


Summary: released in Brief

The verb 'released' [rɪˈliːst] means to allow something to move, act, or flow freely, or to allow information to be generally available. It can refer to setting someone free from confinement, as in 'The prisoner was released from jail after serving his sentence,' or making something available to the public, as in 'The movie was released in theaters last week.' Other phrases include 'release date,' 'release form,' and 'release party.'