repast Definition

  • 1a meal
  • 2food and drink taken together

Using repast: Examples

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    We enjoyed a delicious repast at the restaurant.

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    The hotel provides a complimentary repast for its guests.

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    After the long journey, we were looking forward to a hearty repast.

repast Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for repast

Phrases with repast

  • a morning meal


    The breakfast repast included pancakes, eggs, and bacon.

  • a meal eaten in the middle of the day


    The workers stopped for their midday repast.

  • a meal eaten in the evening


    The family gathered for their evening repast.

Origins of repast

from Old French 'repaistre', meaning 'to feed'


Summary: repast in Brief

The term 'repast' [riːˈpɑːst] refers to a meal or food and drink taken together. It is often used in formal contexts, such as 'We enjoyed a delicious repast at the restaurant,' but can also be used informally with synonyms like 'chow' and 'grub.' 'Repast' can be modified by time of day, as in 'midday repast,' 'evening repast,' and 'breakfast repast.'